The essence of our technology is making objects with different masses virtually weightless. Because we are able to compensate for a new weight very fast and with very little energy required, physically taxing labour like the manual picking and placing of goods or objects is an area for which our technology is ideally suited.

Although various lifting aids already exist within this domain, all of these devices have a fundamental flaw, which explains why none of these devices have been widely adopted. For each degree of freedom for which a load is supported by these devices, the operator is required to manipulate the machine via controls in order to move the load. Compared to direct control over the load, as is the case in manual movements, this is very time consuming, and this is costly. In the low margin business, that these industries typically are, this is not a viable option. Our technology however, takes over the weight of the load, while the operator is still in direct control over any movement of the load.

Lifting operations matrix: speed vs. physical load

Together with Vanderlande Industries and Type22, NHLO developed a bagage loading aid for loading aircraft containers. This device, that takes the heavy lifting out of loading, enables operators to work faster and be more productive, while their physical workload is strongly reduced. More information about this product can be found here.

STACK@EASE from Vanderlande Industries is a highly flexible loading aid solution that takes the heavy lifting out of loading in baggage handling environments. It helps operators to load containers (ULDs) and carts productively, and minimizes their physical workload -- even over longer working periods.